Using git for offline svn access

Once in a while I have to work on projects that still use Subversion, it doesn’t happen that often but it does. And while svn isn’t that bad to work with, it does require an internet connection to make commits.

Initial checkout

Getting the initial codebase from svn:

git svn clone https://some_server/some_repo local_path

This can take a while on a large repo, so get a coffee in the mean time 😉
Alternatively… you can also checkout a portion of the revisions instead of all of them (comparable to “git –depth”) like this:

git svn inithttps://some_server/some_repo local_path
git svn fetch -r some_svn_revision_number

Staying up to date

First make sure we’re still working on the master branch:

git checkout master

And after that:

git svn rebase

Pushing back to subversion

git svn dcommit


Et voilà, a subversion repository which you can also use offline.

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