Preventing OS X from “hibernating” while charging

Although the “deep sleep” feature of OS X can be useful at times to save some battery power, if you’re like me you will probably use your laptop within a few hours anyhow.

Sometimes you will have enough with the hour that Apple gives you before you have to wait a minute for it to start, but I regularly find myself staring at the really confusing screen that shows you that you are waking up from hibernation.

Just a blank screen, no password field, no progressbar, nothing… isn’t OS X supposed to be usable and easy to understand Apple?

These settings can be easily reconfigured using pmset.

For example, my settings:
[bash]sudo pmset -a standby 14400 # Go to sleep in all modes, battery and charger after 14400 seconds (4 hours)
sudo pmset -c standby 0 # Never go to sleep when connected to the charger[/bash]

The -a works in all different modes, so battery, charger and ups. The -b, -c and -u flags means battery, charger and ups mode respectively.

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